Southeast Technical Institute

H1N1/Influenza Preparedness Statement


As is the case with any contagion, a complete avoidance of H1N1/Influenza cannot be expected. Therefore it is the responsibility of all organizations to make appropriate efforts to educate their constituents regarding the risk, minimize the risk of exposure and to have a plan in place in the event a member of the organization becomes infected. As a result, should an outbreak of H1N1 occur, STI presents the following plan to minimize the impact of H1N1/Influenza on our community.

Educating Our Students

  1. Send email to students detailing:
    • Serious nature of the H1N1 and Influenza viruses
    • Typical Symptoms
    • Importance of communication
    • Tips for avoiding exposure
  2. Provide ‘Tips’ flyer for minimizing risk to others
  3. Post flyers in public areas & public restrooms
  4. Address H1N1/Influenza in Student Success Seminar courses


Minimizing Risk of Exposure

  1. Disinfect door handles and crash bars on building entrances daily
  2. Disinfect handrails daily
  3. Disinfect elevator control panels daily
  4. Disinfect light switches daily
  5. Disinfect public restrooms daily
  6. Disinfect vending machine front panels daily
  7. Provide hand sanitizer in public and office areas

Provide Opportunities for Immunizations

  1. Work with the City of Sioux Falls to provide opportunities for students to receive H1N1 and influenza vaccinations

Reaction Plan for Possible Exposure

  1. Ask all students to immediately report H1N1/influenza cases to the Student Success Center by phone 605.367.7466 or email
  2. Help ensure students receive proper medical attention
  3. Strongly encourage confirmed H1N1/Influenza cases to go ‘home’ if at all possible – if not possible, encourage students to isolate themselves from others while they are ill
  4. Encourage students to not return to classes until they have been without a fever for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medications
  5. Communicate with STI students as needed regarding future concerns as they arise