Student Success Center
Your journey begins here! Your first year at Southeast Tech is filled with many opportunities and choices. The Student Success Center can guide you in making this year a success! The following programs and services will assist you in your transition to post-secondary education and provide a support system to help you navigate to graduation.

Student Success Advisors
Phone: 605.367.7466
Location: MC 252

All new students with less than nine successful post-secondary credits are required to complete a Student Success Seminar course taught by a Student Success Advisor. The instructor will become the student’s Success Advisor for the entire time they are at Southeast Tech. The course helps develop academic success skills, assists students in connecting with other students on campus and instructs students on the availability of Southeast Tech services and how to access them. A Student Success Advisor is available for all day, evening and online students.  Transfer students who are not required to take Student Success Seminar will also be assigned a Student Success Advisor.

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Career Services
Phone: 605.367.4452
Location: MC 252

Career Services are available to assist students transitioning from school to work by informing them of part-time employment opportunities while attending Southeast Tech and full-time career opportunities upon completion of their program.

Check out the Jobs for Students page for additional information.

Counseling Services
Phone: 605.367.4821 or 605.367.4450
Location: 200G & MC 122

Southeast Tech offers professional personal counseling services to meet the various needs of students on campus. Free mental health assessments and counseling are available when life’s issues get in the way of personal and/or academic success. The two counselors on campus can be contacted via e-mail, phone, or walk-in.

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Disability Services
Phone: 605.367.4450
Location: MC 122

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for certain classroom accommodations. Disabilities may include hearing, visual, physical, psychological and learning impairments. Students must provide the Disability Services office with recent written documentation of a disability before qualifying for services.

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Non-Traditional Student Services
Phone: 605.367.7466
Location: MC 252

Southeast Tech offers special services for a wide variety of non-traditional students including:
- Students in programs non-traditional for their gender
- Single parents and single pregnant women
- Displaced homemakers
- Dislocated workers
- Students not coming directly out of high school
- Students who are unsure of their career interests and abilities

Phone: 605.367.4449
Location: MC 252

The Southeast Tech library provides access to electronic and print resources for research and recreational reading, including OverDrive eBooks.  Students can find comfortable seating areas and large booths to accommodate groups.  Three desktop computers are also available for student use.

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Phone: 605.367.7466 or 605.367.5674
Location: MC 252

The Registrar’s office provides the following services:
  • Processes adds/drops and withdraws after the add/drop period
  • Processes Applications for Graduation, determines if graduation requirements have been met, and mails diplomas
  • Ensures that the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is followed by Southeast Tech faculty and staff and processes FERPA disclosure/non-disclosure requests
  • Processes student verification of enrollment for insurance companies, loan agencies, etc. (with consent of the student) 
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Student Success Lab (Tutoring)
Phone: 605.367.5691
Location: MC 121

Free walk-in tutoring is available for students enrolled in Southeast Tech classes. This service is designed to give individual attention to students who want to improve in their coursework. The program is a peer-to-peer tutoring program and uses top notch Southeast Tech students as tutors.

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