Microsoft Software for Students

Below are the steps necessary for students to download software from the Online Microsoft Store.
Once you have placed your order for the free software, you must complete the download within 31 days.

Log on to STInet.

Select Student at the top.

On the left side, select Student Support & Services.

Click IT Support Center.

Click Online Microsoft Store.

Click Continue to the online Microsoft Store. Note: If you are not taking classes in the current semester, you will receive a message that you are not eligible to participate in the program and will not be able to continue.

Select what software you want.

Add to Cart.

Select options if wanted. You only have 31 days to download your software unless you add the option for Extended Access Guarantee ($4.95), which will give you 24 months to access the download.


Read any messages and continue.




Read the licensing agreement. Fill in Username and Signature and accept the licensing agreement.

Place order.

Click Start Download. Also, you will want to note the Product Key on this page. It is important to keep a copy of this in a safe place. This key is what is needed to unlock the software. Without it, the software will not work.


You can get to the above page at a later date by clicking the link in the email sent to you from Southeast Technical Institute, if you are still eligible to participate in the program (enrolled for classes in the current semester at STI). You will need to sign in to your STInet account. Click Students, then click Online Microsoft Store.


A dialog box will open, click the down arrow next to Save , select Save as and choose where to save the file.

When the file has downloaded, another dialog box will open. Click Open to open the .SDX file.

This will launch the Secure Download Manager where you will download your software. You can change the location of where
the files are saved by clicking on Change Location. Select the files you want to download and click Start Download.


Once the files are downloaded, make sure that you go back to your browser and sign out of the Online Microsoft Store. This will return you to your STInet page.