Moving Out – Mid Year
There are many reasons a resident may choose to vacate his or her apartment before their contracted move out date (transfer to a different school, find alternative housing, etc.) If a resident decides that moving out mid-year is best for them, it is VERY important they read the information and follow the directions below.

Binding Contracts
The contract for all first year residents covers the entire academic year (August–May). Second and third year residents have the option to sign a contract for a single semester (Fall or Spring) to accommodate for those residents who are participating in clinicals or residents who will be graduating mid-year.

Residents who vacate housing before their contracted move-out date will be held financially responsible for their entire contract unless a replacement can be found. For first-year residents, the contracted end date is the conclusion of the spring semester. For second and third year residents, the contracted end date is the conclusion of the fall or spring semester (depending on the length of the contract signed).

Replacement Procedure
The first step in being replaced in housing is to complete an Early Termination Agreement and return it to a housing staff member. This form is the official notice to housing staff and Southeast Tech administration that a resident plans to vacate housing before the end of their contract. This form also places the resident vacating housing on the housing replacement list. A resident’s place on this list is determined by the date that the Early Termination Agreement is received. Because a housing staff member must also sign this form, a meeting with a staff member is required.

As the Early Termination Agreement explains, there are two ways a resident can be replaced in housing, and as a result be released from their Southeast Tech Housing contract:
  1. The resident personally finds a replacement for their spot in housing. The replacement must be enrolled full-time at Southeast Tech and may not have previously applied for housing, have not contacted Southeast Tech regarding housing, or be residing in housing at the time the Early Termination Agreement is signed.
  2. A replacement is found by Southeast Tech Housing Staff. Residents who vacate housing before their contracted move-out date are placed on the replacement list according to the date they sign their Early Termination agreement. Southeast Tech Housing Staff uses this list as the guide to replace vacating residents with new incoming residents.
Other Important Notes on the Replacement Procedure
  • If a resident moves out mid-year and a replacement is found, the vacating resident is still responsible for rent due until his or her replacement moves in.
  • Once a replacement moves in, the vacating resident will be reimbursed any rent remaining on his or her contract minus any outstanding fees, fines, or dues.
  • A new resident moving into a vacated resident’s old room does NOT necessarily replace that specific resident. Contract replacements are made according to the vacating resident’s spot on the replacement list.
Move-out Tips

  1. Pre-Clean Before You Move. Southeast Tech Housing staff encourages tenants to clean their apartments a week or two before they move out. This means much less garbage to deal with during move-out week. We also encourage residents to bring home any seasonal clothing (such as winter coats, boots, etc.) they no longer need before they move out. A couple trips home before move-out week really lightens the load!
  2. Divide and Conquer. While each resident is responsible for cleaning their bedrooms, it is the responsibility of all the residents in the apartment to ensure that the bathrooms, living room, kitchen and kitchen appliances are clean. Because each roommate in the apartment will be moving out at different times, it’s a good idea to team up with your roommates and decide who is going to be responsible for cleaning each common area. Make sure each area has been cleaned before leaving.
  3. Bring Moving Supplies. It is easier to pack a car with regularly shaped objects – boxes or large Rubbermaid bins – as opposed to black plastic trash bags, grocery bags and loose items. So bring packing boxes, rolls of packing tape, a roll of paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.
  4. Final Sweep. When the apartment is completely empty, do one last drawer and cupboard check to ensure you have packed all of your items. Check the bathrooms for any toiletries that you may have been left behind. Sweep out the bathrooms and kitchens and mop off any obvious grunge.
Checkout Procedures
Most residents who move out mid-year do so at the conclusion of the fall semester. During the final week of the fall semester, housing staff will post available check-out times in the Link. Residents vacating must sign up for a checkout time to complete the checkout process.

If a vacating resident wishes to check out of their apartment at any other time during the semester, they must contact a housing staff member to arrange a checkout time that is convenient for both staff and the tenant. To ensure that staff will be available to check out, please let us know of your desire to check out at least 48 hours in advance. This will give staff ample time to ensure the early termination process has been completed.

Before their checkout time, vacating residents must complete the Mid year Cleaning Sheet. It is also important that the vacating tenant completes a Change of Address form at a local Post Office to forward any incoming mail to their new place of residence.

Residents who do not complete the checkout process explained above in the time frame dictated by housing staff will be assessed a $250 fine.