Students do not have to be enrolled in summer classes to be eligible for summer housing. In order for a student to be eligible, he or she must be enrolled as a full-time student for the upcoming fall semester. This includes first year students who have yet to begin classes at Southeast Tech.

The “Summer Move”
Residents who are living in the Southeast Tech Housing complex during the academic year and wish to remain in housing for the summer may be asked to temporarily move to a different apartment for the duration of the summer contract. Each year, housing staff takes one of the halls “offline” for deep cleaning and necessary repairs. Typically, each hall will be taken offline once every two years. However, housing staff may take the same hall offline in consecutive years, depending on the condition of the buildings.

Residents who are asked to move during the summer will be given ample time to move their belongings into their summer apartment. The move usually takes place 1 to 2 weeks after the conclusion of the spring semester. At the conclusion of the summer, residents may be given the option to stay in their summer apartment, or return to the apartment they resided in during the previous academic year.

Summer Contract
The summer contract covers the period between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the following fall semester. For current tenants, the Summer 2015 contract covers May 9th–August 24th. Summer rent for 2015 is $850.00, which is due at the beginning of the summer academic term.

Incoming students who are enrolled for Fall 2015 are also eligible to stay in Southeast Tech Housing for the summer.  For more information regarding summer housing for incoming students, please contact Southeast Tech Housing staff.

Other Important Notes About Summer Housing
  • All housing services (cable, wireless internet, etc.) available to residents during the academic year are also available during the summer months.
  • Housing security and staff are also available during the summer months.
  • Summer residents are expected to abide by all policies and procedures in the Housing Handbook during the summer months, whether they are a Southeast Tech student during the summer semester or not.