Entering Southeast Tech is an exciting and challenging time. The New Student Orientation Program introduces students to our campus and community, easing the transition to Southeast Tech. Orientation is the first step to achieving your goals as a student at Southeast Tech.

All Orientation & Registration sessions will be held in the Sullivan Health Science Center. The Sullivan Health Science Center is #2 on the campus map.  You can register for New Student Orientation here.

At Orientation you will:
  • Register for classes
  • Receive financial aid information
  • Receive information about off-campus and on-campus apartments
  • Find out how to receive job search assistance
  • Take a photo for your student ID
  • Learn about student activities
  • Review Southeast Tech’s laptop requirements
  • Take placement tests (for some students)
  • Take the keyboarding exam (required for Media Design, Health Information Services, and Office Assistant programs)
Orientation Dates for students starting classes in January 2014
December 5, 2014
December 19, 2014

New Student Orientation and Registration Schedule
Welcome Session
8:30–9:30 AM General Information Session

Program Tours
9:30–10:00 AM Program Area Tours

Placement Testing
10:00 AM Accuplacer Placement Testing
11:00 AM Keyboarding for Media Design,
Health Information Services, and Office Assistant students
12:00 PM Optional Test Outs for CIS 101/105/106

Apartment Tours (Optional)
11:00 & 11:30 AM Tours of on-campus apartments
(meet in the link between the two apartment buildings)

Other Ongoing Activities:
Class Schedule Registration
Photo IDs
Student Questionnaire on STINet for Parking Permit & Student Data
Optional Career Center Registration