Q: Why do I need to attend an Orientation session?
A: Orientation is really the beginning of your career. The Orientation session is designed to help you make a successful transition to Southeast Tech by preparing you for the academic and social changes that all new students face. This registration process is much different than high school. Without the assistance of our staff and your advisor, registration will become a complicated and time consuming process.

Q: Are parents required to come to Orientation with their son or daughter?
A: Parents are not required to attend Orientation, but we do encourage attendance if they have any questions or would like more information about Southeast Tech.

Q: Can my brother or sister come, in addition to my parents?
A: Sure! All family members are welcome to attend Orientation with the student.

Q: If I sign up for a later Orientation session will I still get the classes I need?
A: Yes! We work with students and to make sure that all students who attend Orientation will be registered for classes that they need. Your class times may be early in the morning or later in the evening, but you will get the necessary classes.

Q: What if I cannot make it to any Orientation sessions?
A: Please contact our office as soon as possible by calling 605.367.6040.

Q: After I attend orientation and have registered for my classes, can I buy my books from the bookstore online?
A: Yes! You can visit the Bookstore by clicking here.

If you have any other questions, give us a call at a number listed below.
  • Admissions Office: 605.367.6040
  • Financial Aid: 605.367.7867
  • Bookstore: 605.367.4448
  • Registrar: 605.367.5688
  • Student Success Center: 605.367.7466