Tuition and Fee Schedule for 2015–2016 Academic Year

Local Fee $75.00 Per Credit Hour
Costs of facilities, equipment, and
educational technology 
State Fee $30.00 Per Credit Hour
Costs associated with bonds
issued for building construction 
State Fee - Maintenance & Repair $6.00 Per Credit Hour
Costs for maintenance and repair
of Southeast Tech facilities 
Tuition $109.00 Per Credit Hour
Cost Per Credit* $220.00 Per Credit Hour
Online Fee** $50.00 Per Credit Hour
Costs for administering
online courses 

* Cost Per Credit does not include the $50 per credit hour online fee.

** Online fee is billed for each course credit hour that is designated as Online. The Online fee is not billed for evening or hybrid courses, unless the course is designated as Online Hybrid or Online Evening