The media industry directs and influences the entire population in some way wherever a visual product is designed, produced, printed or published online. New media trends are driving unprecedented change in communications and technology. The variety of printed products is very broad: magazines, newspapers, packaging, books, advertising and documentation are just a few examples. Graphic artists are expected to translate complicated concepts into easy-to-grasp visual representations. Employees in this field work closely with journalists, website developers/programmers, and marketers.

Graphic Media Design Career Opportunities
  • Design and Advertising Agencies
  • Printing Companies
  • Online Companies
  • Newspapers
  • Variety of In-House Positions with Small and Large Businesses

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Meet Our Instructors

Tony Conrad; BA, University of Sioux Falls; AAS, Southeast Tech

Romy Klessen; BA, University of Sioux Falls

Rick Warkenthien; BS, South Dakota State University