Have you ever dreamed of a career that combined your love for technology with your passion for working outdoors? If so, Southeast Tech’s Land Surveying Technology program was designed with you in mind. Land Surveying is the technique and science behind determining specific points on a plot of land to help show the boundaries for construction, or to help develop land maps. Surveyors use both math and specialized equipment to help determine the points of a plot. Land Surveying also includes inspection, information gathering, research and data analysis to help determine the points and property boundaries. Land Surveyors utilize a Global Positioning System (GPS) where satellites and a total station containing an electronic distance measurement device (EDM) determine precise measurements. Graduates of our program will have the opportunity to become a registered land surveyor.

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Meet Our Instructors
Rod Breitling; MEd, South Dakota State University; BS, South Dakota State University; AAS, University of South Dakota/Springfield; Professional Land Surveyor

Elizabeth Kassing, PE; BS, South Dakota State University; Professional Engineer; LSIT