Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) provide basic patient care under the supervision of doctors and RNs. They provide direct patient care by assisting with activities of daily living, giving medications in various ways including injections and IVs and performing many other cares necessary for patient treatment. Southeast Tech LPN students do have the opportunity to build on their LPN degree in order to receive their RN degree.

Background checks and drug screenings are required for this program. For more information please see Additional Program Requirements.

Flexible Degree Option

View Southeast Technical Institute Nursing Program Student Learning Outcomes, based on the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN).

View Licensed Practical Nursing: Fall Start Curriculum

Find the LPN Handbook HERE.

Questions? Call Laurie, our Nursing Programs Secretary at 605.367.5728.

As part of the Federal Regulation 34CFR668.6(b) from the United States Department of Education, Southeast Tech is required to provide gainful employment information on diploma programs. If you have any questions on the information, please contact Southeast Tech at 605.367.7624. You can also find additional information about this program and other related programs at O*Net Online.

Meet Our Instructors

Kristin Possehl, Program Director; RN, MSN, University of Phoenix; MEd, South Dakota State University; BSN, Vanderbilt University

Elise Derry; RN, BAN, Augustana College 

Jaclyn Heide; BSN, University of Sioux Falls; Iowa Central Community College

Christine Kaiser; RN, BSN, South Dakota State University

Judy Lucas; MEd, South Dakota State University; BSN, South Dakota State University

Dustin Pepper; BSN, South Dakota State University

Jeanette Saugstad; RN, BAN, Augustana College

Lori Suhr; BSN South Dakota State University; ASN University of South Dakota; LPN Northland Community and Technical College

Bernadette Willuweit; Diploma, Southeast Tech; CPR Instructor Certified, Sanford