Fred Finch
Engineering Technician, Raven Industries
Class of 2008
Degree: Electronics Technology


“If you have a passion or curiosity for how and why electronics work then this field is perfect for you. Getting your degree with Southeast Tech means hands-on training and application in the field you are going into, at a price that is worth every penny.” –Fred Finch

A Fascination with Electronics
Fred Finch finds the good life with a new career.

Fred Finch spent 13 years working as a cook, attempting to provide for himself and his family. However, limited opportunities and a hectic schedule made it difficult for him to share quality time or offer financial security for them. He shares, “I knew I wanted to make a change in my life, and ever since I can remember, I have always had a fascination with electronics and how they work. I wanted something where I could start my field quickly and affordably. That’s why I chose to enroll at Southeast Tech.”

A non-traditional student, Fred flourished at Southeast Tech, attaining his Electronics Technology degree in just two years. “Southeast Tech offers a great hands-on learning environment, with small affordable classes. The teachers interact with the students providing answers and assistance quickly. I didn’t feel like a number to hurry and get through… I felt like there was a place for me there.”

Before Fred even graduated, he had secured a job as an Electronic Technician with Raven Industries in Sioux Falls. Just three years later, he accepted a position as an Engineering Technician as a member of Raven Industries steering team designing steering kits for tractors and sprayers.

“I feel the quality of my education at Southeast was equivalent or better than a four-year degree. I was able to step right into my job and begin working. It fit with what I’m doing and I was able to do my job immediately.” 
Fred doesn’t regret making the change or making the choice to return to school. “This has meant job assurance and stability for my family. I know day to day I have a job to go to and that I can find another job if I would ever need to with ease.”