Josh Ketcham
Civil Engineering Technician, Stockwell Engineers
Class of 2006
Degree: Civil Engineering Technology


“The civil engineering field offers a strong job market and I found a job shortly after graduation. The technical side of engineering continues to grow with advancements in software capabilities. Southeast Tech’s Civil Engineering Technology program provided me with a comprehensive set of skills that allow me to efficiently do my job.” –Josh Ketcham

Improving Communities
Josh Ketcham works behind the scenes to help improve community facilities.

Josh Ketcham wasn’t looking to become a Civil Engineer Technician… he was interested in learning the trade of CAD (computer-aided design). However, when he was ready to enroll at Southeast Tech a CAD degree wasn’t offered. “When I first signed up all they offered was the Civil Engineering Technology program so I decided to go with it. Once I enrolled I really enjoyed it.”

The decision to be flexible about his career focus ended up working out exceptionally well for Josh. Not only did he enjoy civil engineering, but he also became proficient in working with CAD software, a fact that made him a very marketable professional. He notes, “With my degree I could survey, work in the office, design with CAD, help engineers estimate or conduct soil testing. With my degree, I felt prepared that I could accomplish any of the goals I wanted.”

Josh landed a job with Stockwell Engineers, a Sioux Falls’ firm shortly after graduating and has been there since. “I didn’t have a whole of trouble finding a job. I had applied at a number of places right after I graduated and I had a few interviews and ended up being offered the job soon after.”
Happy with the turn of events, Josh takes great pride in using his talents to make a difference for many. “The civil engineering field offers a rewarding career with many opportunities. It aims at bettering parts of the community that we all use such as streets and utilities. Knowing that the projects that you are working on are improving the quality of the community is very gratifying.”