Kc Dickey
Autobody Technician, Marv’s Body Shop
Class of 2010
Degree: Collision Repair & Refinish Technology


“I chose to pursue a degree in Collision Repair & Refinish Technology because I knew I didn’t want to get dressed up and go to the office every day, that wasn’t for me! Being in the shop and getting to get dirty all day, it’s fun and it’s what I enjoy doing.” –Kc Dickey

In the Shop
Kc Dickey gets her hands dirty and loves every minute of it.

While most high school girls were polishing their fingernails and shopping at the mall, Kc Dickey chose to play with wrenches and old cars. It was this passion for fixing things that put her in the shop. She laughs, “I always like putting stuff together and working with my hands.”

Kc realized the automotive repair field appealed to her in high school. She remembers, “After doing a high school project where I shadowed a local body shop owner I began to enjoy working on cars and decided to continue my education in that field.”

From Flandreau, Kc chose Southeast Tech to pursue her Collision Repair & Refinish Technology degree for several reasons. “I went to Southeast because they offered the program I was interested in, it was close to home and very affordable to me.”

In 2010, Kc had graduated at the top of her class and landed a job at Marv’s Body Shop in Sioux Falls following a successful internship experience. “Because of the internship program, I got to put my skills out there and prove what I can do. I don’t know if I would have gotten this job without an education or this opportunity.”

Back in the shop, Kc happily works repairing dents, rust, hail and other automotive body work. “I love it, there’s nothing else I can picture myself doing. I love where I work, I love the people… it’s a fun job.”