Kim Scheetz
Operating Systems Engineer V/ Service Manager, Wells Fargo
Class of 2000
Degree/Diploma: Network Administrator, Computer Technician


“So many people are confused about what kind of education a technical school provides. You get similar general courses that a traditional college provides, but it’s just at a faster pace and you get the hands-on experience you need in the specific field of study to prepare you for the real-world workforce. The education I received at Southeast Tech was invaluable.” –Kim Scheetz

Sweet Success
Kim Scheetz knew what she wanted out of life and pursued it.

Kim Scheetz had no desire to attend a traditional college, but she was driven to find a career that challenged her. Her quest to find this opportunity brought her to Southeast Tech. “I was looking for something that was close to home, yet not in the same town. Also, I didn’t feel like the whole dorm living university school option was right for me. I discovered Southeast Tech by researching alternative options.”

A fiercely independent young woman, Kim chose to pursue a career in computers even thought it was a non-traditional field for women at that time. She earned her Computer Technician diploma from Southeast Tech and followed it up with a Network Administrator degree a few years later. “I was a little bit worried about getting a job since this had been such a booming industry at the time but I was very lucky and got a job right away. The second time I went back to school I got a job within two weeks of graduation.”

Today, Kim happily works for Wells Fargo from her home in Sioux Falls. “Production Management Technologies is the name of the team I work on. We do enterprise monitoring, which means we make sure that all of the devices within the enterprise including routers, switches, servers and applications, are running like they’re supposed to. We notify people if they’re not.”

Completely satisfied with the non-traditional path she has chosen, Kim knows the choices she made more than a decade ago has helped her attain her professional success. “There are so many different opportunities in technology, so many different directions you can go. So once you get started you decide where you want your career to go and you take it there. I love my job! I’ve been with Wells Fargo for 10 years. And working from home doesn’t hurt.”