Pete Theobald
Operations Manager Heartland District, Hussmann
Class of 1996
Degree/Diploma: Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technology


“I think 20 years ago the mentality was that you could make a decent living in this field. But I can tell you, I have guys working for me that make $30 to $40 an hour, and they can take very good care of their families. This field offers endless opportunities with impressive pay.” –Pete Theobald

Working His Way Up
Pete Theobald uses his technical expertise to guide and lead.

Pete Theobald has always liked working with his hands. So when it came to choosing a career field, he knew he wanted to do something where he would be successful and happy. “Being more technically astute, I knew I wanted to find something where I could utilize my strengths. I chose Southeast Tech because it was the best option I could find to help me achieve that goal.”

Pete initially wanted to work with his father doing home improvement projects. However, his expertise in a high-demand field changed his plans. “I learned the basics of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, as well as some basic business skills. I found employment immediately following graduation.”

His drive to succeed coupled with his technical expertise has granted him wonderful opportunities throughout the years. “I work for Hussman as an Operations Manager and I oversee offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Omaha, Nebraska; and Kansas City, Kansas. My degree brought me into the field as a technician and I’ve worked myself up within the operation with a lot of help from Southeast Tech. I can easily provide guidance in the field because of the training I went through.”

More than satisfied with the skills he attained at Southeast Tech, Pete is now in the position to hire new graduates. “I’m always looking for good technicians and Southeast Tech is a great place to find them. I know the instructors are very knowledgeable in their trade and do a good job training their students.”