Housing Philosophy
While a student’s classroom experiences are the very reason for attending Southeast Tech, learning does not stop when a student leaves the classroom. In fact, many of the personal skills an individual will use throughout his or her life can and should be practiced during this formative time. Appropriately expressing concerns, negotiating responsibilities, recognizing the importance of others, and acting as a mature member of a community are just a few examples of important life-lessons that can be practiced while in college. Southeast Tech Housing staff recognizes these learning opportunities as unique to a student’s living environment and we are committed to helping our residents get the most from these opportunities.

Students who choose to live within Southeast Tech Housing have the distinct advantage of having access to professional staff members who can assist them with the development of these skills. Accordingly, residents are expected to take an active role in ensuring a positive living environment for all members of their apartment and the surrounding community. Additionally, residents are encouraged to utilize the resources available to them when dealing with challenging situations.