Online Readiness Questionnaire

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email: *
I feel confident about my electronic email skills, such as logging in and out of the account, sending and receiving mail and attaching and downloading files: *

I have consistent and convenient access to a computer and the Internet: *

I feel confident expressing my ideas and questions in writing and have successfully done so using email, discussion boards, and/or chat rooms in the past: *

I have a computer that: is running Windows 8 or OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or higher; is equipped with a sound card; is capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution; has a working printer; has a working DVD and/or CD-Rom drive; and has virus protection software such as McAfee or Norton: *

I feel confident working with files, such as creating, saving, and printing documents: *

I feel confident about using most of the tools in the web browser, such as navigating to the next or previous page, printing a web page, or bookmarking web pages: *

I feel confident identifying and downloading appropriate files, and installing new browser software: *

I feel confident about my Internet skills, such as using a search engine, I am able to read and understand college-level reading materials: *

I am able to manage my time effectively and prioritize activities in order to make 6-9 hours for every 3 credit hour course available for studying each week: *

I am an organized, motivated, and self-disciplined learner and I am able to control my desire to postpone important tasks: *

I have been a good student in the past - or consider myself a good student now: *

I have a place in my home or at work near my computer that is free from distractions and can be claimed as "mine" for extended periods of study and communication time: *

My friends and family are supportive of my decision to take an online course: *

I have people and/or resources nearby which can assist me with any technical problems I might have with my software applications as well as my computer hardware: *

I can often complete difficult tasks on my own, even if others do not provide support and encouragement: *

I have a high need to take an online course now - to earn a degree or certificate, for a promotion, or for a new job: *

I would expect to spend more time in an online course compared to an on-campus course: *

Not completing or failing an online course would be a big setback for me: *

I am NOT considering an online course because I think the work will be easier than in a on-campus course: *

I am comfortable working independently and do not feel the need for constant attention and direction from the instructor: *

I am comfortable that feedback from my instructor or Southeast Tech support staff may occur the next day: *

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