Technology Requirements

Program Requirements

Each program of study at Southeast Tech utilizes technology to educate students in their chosen field. In order to ensure that each student has the tools they need to be successful, the technology requirements for each major are identified in this section as well as on each program page. Each major is listed as a Southeast Tech laptop required, iPad required, or bring your own laptop (BYOL) program. The specifics and frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each type of program are listed on the individual technology requirement pages.

Laptop Required Programs

iPad Required Programs

Bring Your Own Laptop Programs

Basic Software

The following is a list of basic software that is provided to all students through a virtual PC (vPC) by Southeast Tech. 

Program Specific Software

Software necessary for any of the Southeast Tech laptop required programs will be pre-installed on purchased laptops; however, since the software is licensed for student use, students will not keep this software after leaving Southeast Tech (see Laptop Required Programs FAQ for additional details).