Ginger McNickle

Wood Center 253

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Ginger joined Southeast Tech in the summer of 2015, with more than a decade of experience in the horticulture field.

After earning her A.S. degree in horticulture from Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE, she continued her education earning a B.S. degree in Horticulture Production from South Dakota State University. This allowed her to focus on specific areas like; fruits, vegetable, ornamental and turf plants. She is currently in the process of earning her M.S. degree from South Dakota State University in Plant Science with an emphasis in Entomology.

In addition, she has also worked with various production systems like greenhouse, nursery, and food crops, as well as traditional and organic management practices. As a graduate student at SDSU, she worked with insect pests and pest management strategies, focusing primary on insect biological control of pest populations in agriculture crops.

Ginger shares, “My education has provided me a strong knowledge base as well as giving me the ability to utilize resources to find any information needed. I was a teacher’s assistant for two years in the horticulture department, where I helped set up and organize lectures and labs, as well as lead several of them. I’m familiar with modern classroom set up and computer programs and am excited to work with and inspire students at Southeast Tech.”

Ginger has worked in a variety of horticulture jobs; floral shops, greenhouses, garden centers, public gardens, seed production and seed testing. She feels the most fulfilling part of any jobs is being able to use her education and experience to help someone with their horticulture needs such as; landscaping, plant selection, and pest problems.

Her green passions include:
• Fruit and Vegetable production
• Food Safety
• Customer Support Agriculture (CSA) and Farmers markets
• Integrated Pest Management
• Biological Pest Control using insects
• Container and Vertical gardening
• Organic food production systems

Education: B.S., South Dakota State University; A.S., Northeast Community College; South Dakota Dept. of Agriculture- commercial applicator license- current; Certified Viability Technologist (CVT)-Society Commercial Seed Technologists -2014; Federal Seed School- purity and seed identification -2014; International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) Certified Seed Sampler -2013; Global G.A.P. IFA/PSS v4 Fruit and Vegetable Training 2015; Auditor training (ISO 9001:2008)- 2014, 2015; 9001:2008 Standards, Internal Auditor and 3rd party Lead Auditor training; HACCP, Principles for Fresh Produce Industries- 2015