Sara Lease

RN Program Coordinator
Nursing Programs
Health Center 207

Call: 605-367-5687
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Sara J. Lease has been teaching at Southeast Tech for seven years specializing in mental health and medical-surgical courses.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, Sara believes that personal contact with students is essential to her approach. Many need encouragement to talk to their instructor, so she emphasizes her availability for informal discussion and her willingness to help them sort out any problems they have with what they are learning. Her experience as an instructor is greatly enriched by this contact with students. Sara stated, “I am fortunate to teach in a professional school where I can follow the progress of the students through the program and sometimes beyond graduation.”

As she gained experience and confidence as an instructor, she came to regard teaching as her primary professional responsibility. Consequently, she moved into some areas of teaching administration and faculty development. Her current position as RN program coordinator legitimizes her efforts to effect changes in the nursing curriculum, and places her where she can have an influence on the "learning climate" of the nursing school. She is able to help her colleagues develop as teachers in her role as a veteran instructor.

Education: RN, MSN, University of Phoenix ; BSN, South Dakota State University; AA, University of South Dakota; LPN, Minnesota West-Worthington