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Goal 4 - $1,700,000

Financially Support the New Renovation for Veterinarian Technician, Dental Assisting and other Smaller Projects

South Dakota has been without a Veterinarian Technician program since 2018. Veterinary technicians serve as vital employees of any small or large animal veterinarian’s office. As an agricultural state, it is vital to have a quality workforce of veterinary technicians. Southeast Tech is renovating a portion of the Ed Wood building to provide this two-year program. We are partnering with the Humane Society for our small animal components and McCrossan Boy’s Ranch for large animal. We still need to do more to fully-fund the program, which will launch Fall 2020.

It is a similar story for Dental Assisting. There is a shortage of dental assistants in Sioux Falls and the region. Asked to help solve a work force shortage, Southeast Tech is answering the call of dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons and starting a Dental Assisting program in the Fall 2020. This one-year program will provide offices throughout the region with quality assistants and enhance dental care in the region.

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