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Huron, S.D. Nursing Programs

Licensed Practical Nurse | Registered Nurse

An LPN diploma or RN degree from Southeast Tech in the fast-growing field of nursing puts you at the center of today’s high-demand healthcare industry. Through a collaboration with the Huron Regional Medical Center, Southeast Tech offers LPN and RN curriculum in Huron, S.D.  

Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and physician’s offices are only a few of the many employers seeking talented professionals to serve the increasing demand for preventive medical services in South Dakota and across the nation. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that projected growth in nursing outpaces the average for all occupations, with 7% growth expected through 2029 for RNs and 9% for LPNs. In South Dakota, graduates can expect to find employment with the following healthcare and medical technology employers:  

  • Avera  
  • Huron Regional Medical Center 
  • Mercy Medical Center  
  • Sanford Health  
  • Sioux Falls Veterans Administration Health Care System

Are you looking for a field where you can help others? Your duties as a nurse include:  

  • Coordinating patient care  
  • Educating patients about health conditions  
  • Offering emotional support to patients and their families  
  • Treating patients with dignity and respect

What is the Difference Between an LPN and an RN?  

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, you will carry out tasks that are more complex than those of a Certified Nursing Assistant, but less involved than those of a Registered Nurse. You will monitor patient health, give medications and perform nursing functions under the supervision of RNs and doctors. 

While Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses perform similar duties, the work of an RN is more in-depth. LPNs often work under the supervision of RNs to provide more basic patient care. A Registered Nurse dispenses medication and builds treatment plans.

Southeast Tech also offers a unique LPN-to-RN track. Southeast Tech LPN graduates with work experience can easily transition into STC's Registered Nursing program. 

Differentiators at Southeast Tech  

Classes in Licensed Practical Nursing are at the Huron Community Campus (HCC). LPN labs and clinicals are at HCC or another designated site. Classes for the Registered Nursing program in Huron are held online. RN labs and clinicals are at HCC and other designated clinical sites. 

Your degree is backed by these other career-boosters:  

Accreditation: Southeast Tech’s LPN/RN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Excellence in Nursing.  

Licensing: After graduating, you are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN to be licensed as an RN.  

Learning Outcomes: From problem-solving to medical competency, you will gain the skills necessary to compassionately serve in a healthcare setting. 

What Degree Do You Need to Be an LPN or an RN?

To become an Licensed Practical Nurse, students need to obtain a one-year diploma. Classes, labs and clinicals in Huron are held part-time, so the LPN program takes a year and a half to complete. 

To become an Registered Nurse, graduates of Southeast Tech's LPN program or LPNs with 750 documented hours of work experience can apply to the RN program. Graduates of the RN program at Southeast Technical College hold an associate degree, and the coursework requires an additional full year of classes, labs and clinicals beyond the LPN diploma.  

Explore Classes  

Southeast Tech’s Registered Nursing program includes courses on Microbiology, Nursing Across the Lifespan, and Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing. The LPN diploma includes courses in Anatomy/Physiology, Pharmacology and Surgical Nursing. 

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Costs are calculated based on a charge of $255 per credit hour, plus applicable fees.

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Huron Nursing News at Southeast Tech

Peyton McWethy headshot

I was born in Huron and have strong roots here. I am committed to helping our local healthcare system continue to meet the needs of our community. Being able to complete my RN degree right here while working as an LPN makes it convenient, and possible, for me to achieve my goals.

– Peyton McWethy, LPN & RN Student