Clubs & Organizations

Student Clubs

Student Clubs at Southeast Tech allow students to get involved on campus and to get linked with other students who have similar interests. While at Southeast Tech, plan to participate in one or more of these special interest clubs. You can even start your own! Approved student clubs may reserve space on campus and are allowed to promote their club through several means of advertising.

Contact Student Activities Coordinator Chelsea Reisch for membership information.

Please Note: These clubs are ran by current students and may or may not be available or active every semester due to interest.

Student Government

Southeast Tech’s Student Government Association is the largest student organization on campus. Gain leadership skills, network yourself, meet friends, and find out why it’s such a fun time to be in SGA!

The organization’s purpose is to further the tradition, spirit, and ideals of the Institution and to provide a means through which the democratic will of the student body may be expressed. In addition, student government leads, informs, serves, represents, and ensures those persons from whom it derives right to govern.

There can be two representatives from the first year, and two representatives from the second year of each Associate Degree and Diploma program. This shall include all full and part-time students attending daytime, online, or evening programs.

Check out what SGA is all about here!

How to become an official member:
  1. Tell your program advisor you want to join Student Government.
  2. Have your program advisor send an email to the student activities coordinator.
  3. The student activities coordinator will place your name on the roster.

Student Government has an Executive Board of 9 officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Parliamentarian, Publicity Chair, Civic Chair, and Social Chair.

Meetings: at least one meeting of the Representatives is held per month throughout the school year. Times and locations are posted on STInet.

Events include:
  • Fall & Spring Picnic: tons of students come to enjoy free food, have gotten their caricature drawn, give blood to save lives, play volleyball or disk golf, see animals from the ZooMobile, and dance to DJ’s or band
  • Ticket Tuesday: a monthly event that every student has the opportunity to enjoy. We serve a large variety of pizza, pop, and you can choose a ticket to the West Mall 7 Theater, or a Stampede or Canaries game.
  • Southeast Tech’s Got Talent: a talent show open to students for a chance to win $500, $300, and $100 to the top 3 performances.
  • Dances: all kinds of themes ranging from neon to Hawaiian
  • Sioux Falls semi-pro athletic competitions
  • Ice cream and pop float socials
  • And many more!

*All events are free to students & staff unless otherwise notified.

Volunteer opportunities include:
  • 4th of July Parade
  • Volunteers of America
  • Junior Achievement
  • Sioux Falls Marathon
  • ZooBoo
  • Sioux Falls Banquet
  • Food, towel, and shoe drives
  • And many more!

Professional Student Organizations

Campus student organizations enhance the education offered in classes with competitions, guest speakers, tours, and other forms of learning more about career fields. While at Southeast, plan to participate in one or more of these organizations:

Contact Student Activities Coordinator Chelsea Reisch for membership information.