Dual Credit

South Dakota high school students in their junior and senior years have an incredible opportunity to earn credits for their high school diploma while acquiring college-level credits at the same time. It’s extremely affordable at just $48.33/credit hour and allows students to jump start their college degree. Interested but want to know more? Check out our Q& A below or email our Pre-College Program Advisor Anna Fischer.

To view the Dual Credit Courses available at Southeast Tech, please see the SD My Life Dual Credit Dashboard. Students can filter by Semester and Institution. You will need to select the term and select STI in the Institution field. Classes are subject to change based on enrollment.

Registration in all Math and English courses will require placement from ACT or ACCUPLACER. You must submit these test scores with your application.

Have you already taken Dual Credit courses? Request your transcript here!

Download the Dual Credit Guide

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to take Dual Credit courses?
Work with your high school counselor to ensure you know your options. They will be able to help guide you through the application and registration process.

Q: How much will it cost to take Dual Credit courses?
Dual credit coursework is available to high school students in grades 11-12 at the rate of $48.33 per credit. Students are responsible for the cost of the course credits and any required textbooks or related course materials. Financial Aid and Scholarships are not available for Dual Credit.

Q: Where can I take Dual Credit courses?
Students are able to take a number of on-campus and online classes, including general education and career and technical education courses.

Q: Can I transfer my credits from Southeast Tech to another college?
There are several Dual Credit courses that can be transferred but not all. Make sure you clarify this with the college you plan on attending before registering.

Q: How will I pay for courses at Southeast Tech?
You can pay for your courses through Southeast Tech’s business office or online here.

Q: If my high school doesn't start classes until after Southeast Tech's start date do I need to participate even if it's an online class?
Yes. Please check your schedule to ensure you know the dates that classes start. You are required to start classes when they officially begin.

Q: Will Dual Credit Courses Affect My GPA Status?
Yes. Please remember the grades you receive in your college courses contribute to your high school and college GPA.

Q: Can Dual Credit Affect My Future Financial Aid?
Yes. Students must take a minimum of 12 credits to receive full-time financial aid per semester. In addition, students who receive below a 2.0 GPA or who don’t complete 67% of their college coursework in a semester go on Academic Warning. They then have one semester to receive at least a 2.0 GPA as well as complete 67% of their courses in order to get off of Academic Warning. Students not meeting this requirement go on Academic Suspension, which results in the loss of their financial aid.

Each college is different, so be sure to research what the academic requirements are for the college you’re interested in attending after high school.

Q: Will Dual Credit Guarantee Entrance into My Southeast Tech Program of Choice?
No. All new full-time students to Southeast Tech need to apply and follow admissions processes that are unique to every program. Students are encouraged to apply and gain acceptance early to increase their chances of acceptance especially in high-demand degrees and diplomas.

Q: What if I want to drop by Dual Credit course?
You may use this form to request a drop. Please note that we follow the drop/withdrawal deadlines posted on the academic calendar.