STC Announces Expansion With Healthcare Simulation Center

New Facility Will Bolster Enrollment in Healthcare Programs

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Southeast Technical College today announced plans to expand its campus and create a new Healthcare Simulation Center. The project will greatly expand STC’s healthcare programs and aid in growing the college’s enrollment in those programs.

“Southeast Tech is already one of the state’s largest providers of healthcare professionals in South Dakota, but this expansion will significantly expand our capacity, allowing us to graduate more students and continue to fill the workforce pipeline in our region,” said Bob Griggs, President, STC.

The Southeast Technical College Healthcare Simulation Center will be located at 2329 N Career Ave., which is adjacent to Southeast Tech’s campus and home of the former Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship.

Funding for the simulation center was sourced from three gifts to the college from Avera Health, Sanford Health and Forward Sioux Falls, totaling $5.6 million. Those donations were boosted by a $4.5 million appropriation by the South Dakota legislature, which was signed by Governor Kristi Noem.

“South Dakota is finding efficient ways to create a high-skilled healthcare workforce. Southeast Tech’s new Healthcare Simulation Center is a real win for the college, Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota. This Center will train our future healthcare workers using top-notch, industry relevant tools and technology,” Gov. Noem said.

The need for healthcare workers was reinforced by David Flicek, President and CEO, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center.

“As a large health ministry spanning 72,000 square miles, Avera’s need for well-trained healthcare professionals only continues to grow. This new facility will undoubtedly help provide the space to train even more high-quality students from diverse backgrounds to ultimately serve our growing region,” said Flicek.

Paul Hanson, President, Sanford Health Sioux Falls echoed similar sentiments.

“Workforce development is a priority for all us, regardless of the industry we are in, and supporting this initiative with the rapid response by all the investors demonstrates our continued commitment to our people’s needs,” Hanson said.

Hanson also recognized the Southeast Technical College Healthcare Simulation Center is a great example of creative collaboration.

“Yet again, our community and state leadership have demonstrated that we can create partnerships that align private and public funds to address a critical need within our community,” Hanson said.

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul Ten Haken and Bob Mundt, President and CEO of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation agree.

“By helping to provide solutions to the workforce issues facing the State, Sioux Falls and STC have once again shown that cooperation and joint problem solving is the path to addressing our challenges,” Mundt said.

Mayor Ten Haken added, “This simulation facility will help build a pipeline for healthcare talent in our region and help to meet the increasing workforce demand in our health sector. It’s a great partnership on many levels.”


March 15, 2022


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