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Architectural Engineering Technology

Associate Degree Program - 62 Credits

Architectural Engineering Technicians work with architects, engineers or construction managers to complete technical tasks for design projects. Your critical-thinking and detail-oriented skills are needed to help produce construction documents from architectural sketches, create computer-assisted drawings and perform field inspections.

Architectural engineering also requires strong mathematical skills for analysis, design and troubleshooting. In just two years, you could be starting your career!

Other duties for you as an architectural engineering technician might include: 

  • Analyzing structural connections 
  • Using computer-aided design software 
  • Collaborating with engineers on plans 
  • Creating plans, elevations, and site plans 
  • Assessing site progress

Are you a problem-solver? Architectural engineering frequently requires troubleshooting unanticipated problems. Your decision-making skills and ability to communicate your ideas will help you succeed.  

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Where Will you Work as an Architectural Engineering Technician?

Southeast Tech graduates find careers in a range of roles, including as an engineering technician, in technical or sales position with a supplier, or at a government agency, architectural firm, engineering office or contractor.

Compare: Architectural Engineering Technician vs. Civil Engineering Technician

As an Architectural Engineering Technician, you help produce construction documents from sketches and computations by registered architects or engineers. A Civil Engineering Technician helps plan and design infrastructure projects such as dams, water-treatment plants, bridges, utilities and highways. Civil engineers use surveying equipment and CAD software in their work.

Why Study Architectural Engineering Technology at Southeast Tech?  

At STC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, your coursework taught in the George S. Mickelson Center will include field inspections, production of construction documents, and Green building practices such as envelope home construction and geothermal cooling and heating. All of these skills are valuable tools in your field. Other learning outcomes at Southeast Tech include:

 Critical Thinking: You will learn about time management, how to analyze structural calculations, how to evaluate materials, what are proper safety procedures, and how to read blueprints and plans. 

Science & Tech:  With the help of your STC faculty, you will become adept at determining structural connections for steel, wood and concrete, understand mechanics and structural load computations, as well as master the use of drafting equipment. 

Communication:  As a top technician from Southeast Tech, you will complete presentations, become adept at listening, and develop strong speaking skills.

Job Outlook

Explore Classes   

Southeast Tech’s curriculum for Architectural Engineering Technology includes classes in Architectural Drawing, Computer Assisted Design, Statics, Mechanical/Electrical Systems, Green Building Techniques, and Strength Materials. 



Costs are calculated based on a charge of $255 per credit hour, plus applicable fees.

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