Online Student Expectations

Southeast Tech’s Online Programs provide students with flexibility and convenience while delivering a top-notch education. Because students are not required to meet as a class on campus, the following skills are extremely important.

Please note: some courses may require test proctoring for some assessments. Students who cannot be in Sioux Falls to complete testing at the Southeast Tech Testing Center must use a proctor approved by their instructor, such as a school or library. Any fees for this proctor are the responsibility of the student.  The STC Testing Center is free of charge to Southeast Tech students.

What Skills are Needed to be a Successful Online Student?

Technology Skills are key! 

At a minimum, please make sure you have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Internet use (including browsing and web page navigation).
  • Email (sending, receiving, attaching and downloading files).
  • Operation of your device and how to troubleshoot issues.
  • Basic application use such as presentation and word processing software.
  • File and Folder Management -saving, opening, renaming, and finding your files.
  • Copying, pasting, snipping, and capturing screen images and videos.
Time Management and Organizational Skills
  • Classes are not self-paced. Students must meet weekly due dates and deadlines.
  • It is imperative that students have a plan to balance personal, work, and school obligations.
  • Realize you may be taking more than one course at a time. Prioritize your time to ensure all work is completed successfully.
  • Start early! Expect to spend 6-9 hours per week to work on a 3-credit class and 9-12 hours a week to work on a 4-credit class.
Communication Skills
  • Ask questions often!
  • Check your Southeast Tech email several times a week and participate in class communications.
  • Communicate in a manner that is respectful and upholds a supportive learning environment. This includes email communication, forum posts, online assignments and more.
Self-Motivation and Initiative
  • Be dedicated to your education. Make sure to read all chapters, listen to all voiced lectures, and use all of the tools and resources provided to help you be successful!
  • Refer to your weekly agenda/itineraries to help ensure you learn the material and meet all required deadlines. It is important to complete all items in the order the instructor presents them on the agenda. This will help ensure your success!