Online Readiness Questionaire

Are you ready for online learning?

Online classes are a great tool many students use to compete their degree. However, it is not for everyone. In addition to specific technology requirements and reliable Internet access, online coursework requires an extra level of dedication, self-motivation and commitment. 

Southeast Tech encourages potential students to think about the following statements to help gauge their aptitude and to identify their strong points and weaknesses before determining whether online classes are a good fit.

  1. I feel confident using email; creating, saving, downloading and printing files; using web browsers and search engines and installing browser software. 
  2. I have consistent and convenient access to a computer and the Internet.
  3. I feel confident expressing my ideas and questions in writing and have successfully done so using email, discussion boards and/or chat rooms in the past.
  4. I am able to effectively manage my time and prioritize my activities, and I understand that I may spend more time in an online course as opposed to an on-campus course.
  5. I am an organized, motivated and self-disciplined learner, and I am able to control my desire to postpone important personal tasks.
  6. I have friends and family, as well as resources such as I.T. and customer support, who can assist me with technical problems.
  7. I am comfortable working independently and do not feel the need for immediate feedback. I understand that responses from my instructor may take a day or more.
  8. I am resourceful and can read at the college level. I am able to read instructions and look for the answers myself before asking for help.