Mobile ID Setup for Android Users

  1. Enable NFC 

    Enable NFC on your phone in your Settings menu. NFC settings can be found in different areas of the Settings menu, depending on your device. A common location is Connected Devices > Connection Settings. (If not found there, use the Search option on the top right to double check.)  

    Toggle the NFC setting to "On." 

  2. Open Google Wallet

    Open Google Wallet  and make sure it is enabled as the default payment application. If the app prompts you to add a credit card, you can bypass that screen and return to the Google Wallet home screen. 

  3. Download Transact

    Download the  Transact eAccounts Mobile app from the Google Play Store to your phone. 

  4. Open Transact

    Open Transact eAccounts, click through the startup screens and tap "Get Started."

  5. Search 

    Search for "Southeast Technical College" and click through to the login screen. 


    Enter your email address and password to authenticate your device.

  7. Add to Google Wallet

    Once you have successfully authenticated in eAccounts, click the "Add to Google Wallet" button to add your Mobile ID to Google Wallet. 

    Continue through the prompts.

    1. Next, Accept the Southeast Technical College Terms & Conditions.
    2. Accept the Google Wallet Terms of Service. 
    3. The next screen will confirm that the ID has been added to Google Wallet. 


Using Mobile ID on Android

You do not need to unlock your phone, but the screen must be awake to use your Mobile ID. Tap the power button to wake the screen and tap the back of your phone against the reader. Note, the antenna location may vary by device, although it is often in the middle of the phone. As a result, you may have to adjust the orientation of your phone against the reader to have your mobile credential recognized.   

  • To display your Mobile ID, open the Transact eAccounts app and select the "View in Google Wallet" icon. 
  • To add funds to your account within eAccounts:  
  • Make a deposit via your desktop or mobile browser on the Transact eAccounts website.
  • After completing the deposit, there will be an option to save your credit card information.
  • Once you have added the card information on the Transact eAccounts website, that card will be available in the Transact eAccounts app for future deposits.