Test Outs

Southeast Technical College - Testing Center

Important Information Regarding Test Outs

  • Southeast Tech’s test out exams are proctored on campus only.
  • Students must register and pay $50 per course fee prior to all test outs, except for the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER.
  • All test outs must be complete by the Friday of the first week of class.
  • Students who are registered for the first time in a course may test out during the first week.
  • Students who have completed more than one week of a course are not allowed to test out of that course.
  • You can only take a test out one time.
  • If you fail the test out, you will need to register or continue in the course to meet graduation requirements.
  • You will need a passing score of 80% or better to test out of the course.

Please work with your Admissions Representative or Student Success Advisor regarding what test out exams you may be eligible to take. Contact the Testing Center at testing@southeasttech.edu for questions regarding scheduling test out exam.

Test Out Methods

How to Test Out

Depending on the course, students wishing to test out of a course may do so in various ways: 

  1. ACT, SAT, or Next-Generation ACCUPLACER scores for Math 100 and Math 101

    • If you are applying for admission to Southeast Tech, please work with your Admission Counselor to determine minimum scores. If you are currently a Southeast Tech student, visit with your Student Success Advisor. 
    • These credits are awarded at Southeast Tech only and are typically not accepted at other institutions. See the area below about transferable credits if you plan to continue on for a bachelor’s degree.
    • If you successfully meet the minimum test-out score, you will pay the Business Office a $50 test-out fee after you have received these score(s). Then, the Registrar’s Office will award you credit to fulfill the requirement at Southeast Tech, and the credit will appear on your transcript.
  2. CLEP Exam

    The STC Testing Center can facilitate exams for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

    CLEP Information

  3. Course-Specific Exams

    You may also test out of other courses using specific assessments created by the college. Contact the Testing Center for specific course availability.  Below are details regarding specific courses:

    ENGL 100 - Communication in the Workplace
    The ENGL 100 Communication in the Workplace test-out evaluates a student’s competency in the course objectives. The course objectives are:
    • Define and explain basic communication terms and principles that underlie competent business and professional communication.
    • Write valid and well-supported analysis of communication problems encountered in real-world situations, as presented by case studies from the textbook and/or in scenarios from the instructor.
    • Explain and successfully apply principles and techniques of effective communication in the workplace, particularly within the context of business communication (Including formal and informal written, verbal and nonverbal workplace communication tasks such as email, letters, presentations, project notes and task updates).
    • To demonstrate competency, students must write essay-style answers about workplace communication scenarios.

    The textbook for ENGL 100 is available online in open-source format. Students can access it using the detail listed below. They may wish to skim parts of the text to familiarize themselves with concepts and vocabulary that might be relevant in the test out.

    • Smith, Jordan. Communication @ Work. Seneca College (a Canadian institution of higher education). 


Build Dakota Scholarship Students

Test outs for MATH 100 and MATH 101 are available to Build Dakota Scholars at no cost. Any other course test out will be a $50 fee, payable before testing.