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Horticulture Technology

Associate Degree Program - 66 Credits

The field of Horticulture Technology cuts a wide swath. As a horticulture specialist today, you could focus on ornamental plants and non-food crops, pest management, turf management, propagation, or greenhouse oversight.

The choice is yours! Are you a self-starter? Are you an observant problem-solver? In your work, you need to recognize problems with pests or plant growth and quickly implement a response. You also need to be good at time management to stay abreast of plant care. 

Other duties for you as a top horticulturist might include: 

  • Harvesting seeds and cultivating plants 
  • Developing hybrid varieties 
  • Evaluating plant areas for rehabilitation 
  • Pruning, controlling weeds, fertilizing and watering plants 
  • Measuring growth for ag metrics

Job Placement Rate


Southeast Tech's Horticulture program boasts a 100% job placement rate among its 2022 graduates.

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Compare: Horticulturist vs. Landscape Architect

As a horticulture technician, you understand the science behind many plants. Your expertise covers gardening, propagation, crop production and breeding, as well as plant physiology. A landscape architect is adept at the artful design of a landscape space, covering everything from private yards to large gardens, parks or public spaces.

Why Study Horticulture Technology at Southeast Tech?  

At STC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this program gives you broad exposure to the different elements of horticulture technology. In the Ed Wood Trade and Industry Center, you will explore plant propagation and cultivation, fruits and vegetables, annuals and perennials, and nursery stock.

Your coursework also helps you:

Know your Tools: You will learn processes and equipment operation for your field, as well as proper control and prevention of plant diseases and pests.

Think Critically: With the help of your STC faculty, you will study how to complete scheduled work, properly respond to directives and respond when corrective measures are needed. 

Gain Professionalism: As a top horticulturist from Southeast Tech, you will practice appropriate verbal and written responses to customer issues. 

Where Will You Work as a Horticulturist?

Southeast Tech Horticulture Technicians work in grounds maintenance, landscape grooming, plant nurseries and garden centers, or even become entrepreneurs and own their own business! 

Job Outlook

Explore Classes   

Southeast Tech’s curriculum for horticulture technicians includes classes in Turf Management, Pest Management, Soils and Nutrition, Woody Plants, Herbaceous Landscape Plants, Greenhouse Production, Woody Plants, Fruits and Vegetables, and Landscape Design.

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Costs are calculated based on a charge of $255 per credit hour, plus applicable fees.

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