Finding a Roommate

Finding a roommate can be one of the most challenging parts of the housing process. We understand that the need to find a compatible roommate is crucial to a successful academic career. Southeast Technical College Housing uses RoomSync, a special roommate matching program available as an application in Facebook.

  1. Join

    When incoming housing students submit a signed contract and pay their $500 deposit, they receive an email with a RoomSync Invitation link.
    • Click the link on a mobile device
    • Choose an existing Facebook, Google or Apple account to log in and create a new account.
  2. Setup

    Add your basic info and answer lifestyle questions.

  3. Use

    Browse and search for potential roommates based on lifestyle preference, major, hobbies, interests,
    and more. Start a conversation with other users who interest you.

  4. Match

    Send roommate requests to or accept roommate requests from others you would like to live with.

Access to start roommate search will be provided by STC Housing staff by April 14, 2023. The link will automatically expire on May 14, 2023. STC Housing will make every possible effort to accommodate your selections. Students will be notified about their finalized placements and roommates by May 19, 2023.